Why silk lining?

Why silk lining?

Calling all babes with textured curls: our washable silk-lined bonnets were made to protect that beautiful hair! 

Our ultra soft and breathable cotton lining is perfect for babes with straight hair, silky hair, and/or non-textured curls - but it isn't ideal for all hair types. Enter silk lining! The silk-lined bonnets are made specially for babes with textured curls, most commonly Black babies’ beautiful natural hair, since cotton lining can damage textured hair by absorbing moisture that the curls need. 

Silk lining isn't ideal for all hair types either, though! Putting a silk-lined bonnet on a babe with non-textured hair may cause the bonnet to slip around and even slide back entirely off their head, so we recommend cotton lining for non-textured hair.

We talked to three Briar mamas who love the silk lining for their babes. Read on to hear why, in their own words!

1. Tell us a little about yourself + your family! 

Ellen (@ellen_wags): Hey! I’m Ellen. I live in Alabama with my husband Matt and our two precious girls, Abby (4) and Madelyn (2). The girls are 21 months apart and my husband always has some sort of project going, so things are never boring at our house!  When I had my girls, I rekindled my love of photography (something I started way back in high school!), so I share my photography and bits of our family life on my Instagram, @ellen_wags.

Taylor (@milknsage): I'm Taylor, a Wife to a hardworking Man and a Mother to 2 Learning kids. We live in Atlanta, Ga.  We are foodies and love going out to try new places in the city. 

Ka'ala (@alohakaala): Aloha! My name is Ka’ala (it’s Hawaiian). My husband Andile and I have two baby girls - Mahina, who will be 2 next month (insert crying emoji) and Ayanda (we call her Yaya) who will be 4 months on Saturday!
2. Can you tell us why you would choose silk-lined bonnets over cotton-lined bonnets?
Ellen: Both of my girls have curly hair, but my youngest, Madelyn, has especially curly hair! The silk lining is important to help protect her curls.  Silk fabric has an ultra smooth texture, even compared to high quality cotton. The silk lining creates less friction on the hair follicle, so there is less breakage. Cotton can also be drying, and moisture is so important to keep curls healthy. The silk lining doesn’t draw moisture out of her curls, so when we take her bonnet off, her curls are still shiny and bouncy! 
Taylor: As a black woman and now a black mother to black children our hair comes into different beautiful textures and cotton doesn't really love our hair. It tends to pull the hair out. Doesn't retain the oils and creams we have in for the day. Silk bonnets are truly the best for our different textures. It doesn’t pull the hair out and keeps the oils in as it should.
Ka'ala: I love that you have the option for silk-lined bonnets! They are so much gentler on textured hair. Bonnets and hats of all sorts more often than not mess around with textured hair, especially in children/babies who don’t necessarily think about their hair when playing, etc. The silk-lined bonnets, being gentler, keep the hair and/or it’s style protected.
3. What's your favorite thing about our silk lining?
Ellen: It is so soft and luxurious feeling! 
Taylor: I love the fact that my babies hair is being protected because our hair is our crown and we take great care of it.
Ka'ala: I love the color it’s a beautiful neutral cream. I love how soft it is as well! 
4. Who would you recommend our silk-lined bonnets to?
Ellen: Anyone with a curly-headed babe would benefit from using the silk lined bonnets! Even kids with straight hair that seems to tangle easily would benefit from the satin lining. 
Taylor: The silk bonnets are totally for black and brown babies who have textured hair. The best thing a company has done to think about something bigger than just the bonnet but to make sure it's actually not pulling hair is so great.
Ka'ala: I’d recommend these bonnets to anyone with babies/kiddos who have curly/textured hair. But honestly, all hair types would benefit from them!
Briar note: We have received feedback that the silk-lined bonnets slide around on straight/silky/non-textured hair, so we recommend silk lining for babes with textured hair!
5. Anything else you'd like to add about silk lining, or Briar bonnets?
Ellen: I was introduced to Briar bonnets by a dear college friend when my youngest was a few weeks old. These bonnets are so special to us and have made it into so many of our memories the past two years. I’m so thrilled that Briar is expanding their silk-lined bonnet options!
Taylor: Thank you for taking the time out to learn about the culture of the black community and how to better your company to help customers that truly love your brand and to make sure they are thought of too. It goes a long way.
Ka'ala: We are just always so impressed with the quality of Briar. And the new silk-lined bonnets do not disappoint! Thank you so much for being intentional with this new option so that ALL babes of ALL hair types can enjoy and rock these bonnets beautifully!
Thank you so much Ellen, Taylor, and Ka'ala!
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