Easter Baskets, Three Ways

Easter Baskets, Three Ways
We love a beautiful Easter basket here at Briar! Watching your babe light up when they see the treats the Easter bunny brought them is a memory to cherish every year. Our adorable baby animal bonnets can be tucked oh-so-sweetly into an Easter basket, and are perfect for all the Easter photos you’ll be taking! We’ve put together a few Easter basket ideas if you’re looking for inspiration, featuring our sweet animal bonnets.
A splash of color 
01. Briar Bitty Bunny Bonnet, 02. Blablakids Turnip bunny, 03. Olli Ella Rainbow Luggy, 04. Tubby Todd Hair + Body Wash, 05. Sun + Lace Leather Bag in Sunshine, 06. Keiki Kaukau Wooden Play Food Set
Somewhere over the rainbow, indeed! Your vibrant babe will be bursting with joy over these sweet + fun pieces that perfectly complement our whisper pink Bitty Bunny bonnet.
01. Briar Bitty Bunny bonnet. 02.Blablakids Turnip bunny. 03. Olli Ella Rainbow Luggy. 04. Tubby Todd Hair + Body Wash. 05. Sun + Lace Leather Bag in Sunshine. 06. Keiki Kaukau Wooden Play Food Set.
Puppy Love
01. Briar Petite Puppy bonnet, 02. Cuddle + Kind Noah the Dog, 03. Target Open Weave Basket, 04. Modern Mama Utensil set, 05. Love Can Come in Many Ways book, 06. Wee Gallery Wooden Tray Puzzle
Your little animal lover will go wild over this basket, while you’ll appreciate the beauty and developmental aspects of the pieces in it.
01. Briar Petite Puppy bonnet. 02. Cuddle + Kind Noah the Dog. 03. Target Open Weave Basket. 04. Modern Mama Utensil set. 05. Love Can Come in Many Ways, available at our favorite bookstore, Brave and Kind Books. 06. Wee Gallery Wooden Tray Puzzle.
Newborn bliss
01. Briar Little Bear bonnet, 02. Indego Africa Leopard Bucket, 03. Hazel Village Nicholas Bear Cub, 04. Wiley Body Bubble, 05. Creme Baby Bodysuit, 06. Dappermaentje Moon Plush
Celebrating Easter with a newborn? Fill their basket with beautiful heirloom items that you’ll get lots of use (and adorable photos) out of!
01. Briar Little Bear bonnet. 02. Indego Africa Leopard Bucket. 03. Hazel Village Nicholas Bear Cub. 04. Wiley Body Bubble. 05. Creme Baby Bodysuit. 06. Dappermaentje Moon Plush.
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