How to get the perfect sunbonnet size

How to get the perfect sunbonnet size

There’s so much to love about sunbonnets: the wide brim provides maximum sun coverage, the ties ensure that it will stay on even the most energetic of toddlers, and, of course, they’re as insta-worthy adorable as they are functional! But maybe you’re wondering how they fit, how wide that brim actually is, or if you should size up two sizes just to be safe (hint: you probably shouldn’t). This blog post is here to help! Read on to feel confident in your sunbonnet size choice, so your babe (and you!) can get the most out of this sunny day essential.

An assortment of sunbonnets

The absolute first thing you should do is check our size chart. Wait, just want to make sure you got that: the absolute first thing you should do is check our size chart! Our bonnets generally run true to age size and fit best toward the end of the size range, BUT every baby is unique so the measurements will be sure to get you a more accurate fit than going by age! For example, a 23 month old might fit best into a 6-12 bonnet if that’s where their head measurements fall, or a 9 month old might best fit into a 12-24 sunbonnet depending on measurements, etc.

Measure the circumference of your babe’s head around the forehead or use measurements from a recent doctor appointment, then go by the measurements on the sunbonnet size chart found right here!

In general, we do not recommend sizing up with sunbonnets. Because the brim is so wide (as it’s meant to be!), if you size up the brim may fall down into your babe’s eyes. On a properly fitting sunbonnet, the brim should stay forward to shade babe’s face. Here’s what a properly fitting sunbonnet looks like!

A properly fitting sunbonnet


The body of the sunbonnet is meant to fit the same as our classic bonnets - close to babe’s head, with their ears covered. On the larger sizes especially, the brim may be wider than you first expect, but that’s totally normal! The brim gets a little wider with each progressive size, so the 0-3 month sunbonnet has a much smaller brim than the 2-4 year sunbonnet. You can always flip the brim back, but if the sunbonnet is fitted properly and tied securely then the brim should hold its shape to shade your babe’s entire face without impeding their vision.

Floppy brims not up your alley? No problem! We have a beautiful selection of brimmed bonnets featuring a smaller ballcap-style brim that will shade your babe’s eyes without the excess fabric.

Briar's neutral sunbonnets


Dress them up or down - sunbonnets can truly go with anything (just another reason to love them!). Pair them with dresses, overalls, shorts, sweaters, swimsuits; you really can’t go wrong. Another great perk? Sunbonnets are water-friendly so your babe can splash away while staying covered!

Want more real-time styling ideas? Join our Facebook group, The Briar Society, where our community frequently shares photos of their adorable babes in their bonnets!

Sizing, fit, and styling - that covers it! More questions? Shoot us an email at Otherwise, you’re ready to go! Shop our sunbonnets here!

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