DIY Mask Resources

DIY Mask Resources

Briar recently began offering face masks for sale on our website. For every mask sold, we donate one to a healthcare or other essential worker in need. 

Our production team is now 100% focused on making masks (instead of bonnets), to provide as many masks as possible to our customers and community. Through our research and product development process, we learned a lot - and we wanted to offer an option for those not able to purchase a Briar mask. Below you’ll find resources, design tutorials, and tips we hope you find helpful in making your own protective mask.



We came across many helpful resources while developing the design for our mask, including: 



Wearing a properly-fitting mask is critical for effective protection. Depending on the mask style or pattern you choose, measurements and sizing will vary. We’ve provided our sizing chart to help you adapt your pattern if necessary.

  • Minimize or avoid the use of pins on the body of the mask to keep fabric weave in-tact for protection; better alternatives are paper clips/sewing clips.
  • Masks with elastic or ties behind the head are generally more comfortable than those with elastic that secures behind the ear, and is recommended for those wearing masks for prolonged periods.
  • We recommend a fabric mask with at least three layers of protection; tightly-woven materials are ideal for filtering out viral particles.
  • A pocket for a removable filter can add an extra layer of protection; keep in mind this feature may require more advanced sewing skills.
  • Fabric masks should be washed in hot water between every use; for more information on mask care and use, visit our information page here.



Information and articles on masks are abundant online. Here are some that we found most helpful:

  • This article offers helpful information on the effectiveness of homemade face masks, and what to consider before making one.
  • For basic information on how you can use your own sewing skills to help your community, this article from Lehigh Valley Health Network has you covered.
  • For a deep-dive on masks and how they work, we recommend this e-book from The Institute of Medicine.


For more on Briar's masks, please visit our Mask Info Page.


Stay safe and healthy, friends!

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  • What filters do you use to put in these masks? Any idea where to buy these filters?

  • Hi, thank you for providing DIY mask resources information. Would you be looking at providing a tutorial on how to make your masks? Thank you.

  • How do I get on the pre-order list so that I can purchase a mask? Please advise and thank you

    cassandra jasicob
  • I would like to pre-order an adult small. Would that be possible? Thanks so much!

    Sue Jamieson
  • Love to order adult S/M

    Pamela Walker

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