Sunbonnets: your sizing, fit, + styling guide

Sunbonnets: your sizing, fit, + styling guide

You love the sunbonnet look: the wide brim screams “sun coverage!”, the ties ensure that it will stay put even when your babe is running around wildly after drinking a bit too much juice, and when you close your eyes you envision that perfect color on them as they play in the sand (you’re definitely planning to snap a photo of that exact image this summer, btw). But maybe you’re unsure which size to get, how exactly it should fit, or how to style it. Enter this blog post. We’re here to help you feel confident in your sunbonnet purchase, so you + your babe can get the most out of these sunny day essentials!

"Our Island Stripe sunbonnet was our most reached-for bonnet last year, and that’s saying a lot since I work at a bonnet company." -Blair, Content Manager at Briar


The first thing you should do is check our size chart. Let me say it again a little louder: THE FIRST THING YOU SHOULD DO IS CHECK OUR SIZE CHART! Our bonnets generally run true to size, and they fit best toward the end of the size range, BUT every baby is unique and a 27 month old might fit into a 6-12 month bonnet or a 10 month old might fit into a 12-24 month bonnet depending on their head size, so make sure to go by the measurements on the size chart - conveniently found right here!

In general, we do not recommend sizing up. The brim is wide. It’s meant to be wide! But if you size up, the brim might wear your babe instead of the other way around, you know what I mean?


We made a handy little infographic to show you how the sunbonnets are meant to fit! 

Keep in mind that the body of the sunbonnet should fit the same as our classic bonnets, and on the larger sizes especially the brim may be wider than you might expect - and that’s normal! You can always flip the brim back, but if the sunbonnet is properly fitting and tied securely, the brim should hold its shape to shade your babe’s entire face without impeding their vision.

If floppy brims aren’t your thing, no worries! We have a lovely array of brimmed bonnets that will shade your babe’s eyes without the excess fabric.


We asked members of our Facebook group, the Briar Society, to submit photos of their babes in sunbonnets to give you some styling inspiration!

 Photo credit clockwise from top left: Luci Lopez (ft. 2019 Poppy Sunbonnet), Casey O'Donnell (ft. 2019 Ivory Sunbonnet), Oksana Walter (ft. Island Stripe) 

Bottom line? Wear these with anything, anywhere! Swimsuits in the pool, sweaters at the beach, tonal color palettes, contrasting color palettes, patterns, during swing naps, you name it. For more styling inspiration + IRL sunbonnet photos, join our Facebook group!

Photo credit clockwise from left: Nancy Nguyen (ft. Island Stripe), Christina Smith (ft. 2019 Poppy Sunbonnet), Madison Cripe (ft. 2019 Salmonberry Sunbonnet)  

Sizing? Check. Fit? Check. Styling? Check. You're ready to do this (and if not, don't hesitate to email with specific questions!). Shop our sunbonnets here!

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  • Neeeed the sunbonnets for my Babe 😫😍

  • So adorable!

  • These are perfection! As a pediatrician I love how much sun coverage these offer! As a mama I love how chic they are! Can’t wait to get my hands on these for my babe.

    Marina Salama
  • These are perfection! As a pediatrician I love how much sun coverage these offer! As a mama I love how chic they are! Can’t wait to get my hands on these for my babe.

    Marina Salama
  • Beautiful!! I need one of each, the perfect summer bonnets :)

    Tania Cooling

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