Briar's 2019 year in review

Briar's 2019 year in review

Whether you're a longtime customer or brand new to the bonnet world, thank you for being with us this year! 2019 was a year of lots of bonnets (seriously, check out how many unique styles we had below), lots of new styles, and LOTS of cute babies in bonnets. I mean that’s true every year, but still. We’ve rounded up some fun facts of the Briar-verse from this past year for your enjoyment below!

1. Terry Bandit. To the surprise of absolutely no one, our number one best seller this year was the ubiquitous, versatile, and undeniably adorable Terry Bandit. We say this all the time, but every baby needs this one!

2. Island Stripe Sunbonnet. Our sunbonnets were a massively popular new product, and none more so than our perfectly neutral Island Stripe.

3. Ivory Sunbonnet. Classic, functional, and oh-so-sweet, our Ivory Sunbonnet was the third best seller of the year - for good reason!

Winter Jubilee. The Pom that dreams are made of, this collaboration with Forest Creatures will live on forever in the bonnet hall of fame...which only exists in our minds, but you get the point. We’ll always love you, Jubilee.

Birthday Bonnet. The sequined brim on this collaboration with Rolly Polly was extra in the best way possible, and the perfect way to celebrate Briar’s 5th birthday.

Meg. The notorious Facebook-group exclusive, this one sold out in the blink of an eye and then sold out AGAIN in the blink of an eye when we did a group-exclusive preorder. You guys were mad for the plaid! (Insert dad-joke-induced groan here).

Two of our employees had babies this year! Blair, our marketing manager, and Alena, one of our production team members, both had baby boys. You may recognize Blair’s son Felix from a few of our photoshoots.

Sunbonnets. We debuted our sunbonnets this spring to a stunningly enthusiastic audience - seriously, we were completely blown away by their popularity! We are so excited to make sunbonnets a Briar staple, and can’t wait to give you more sunbonnets in 2020.

Velvets. Soft, luxurious, and the perfect holiday party attire, our velvet line was a stunning new addition this year.

Sherpa Sherpa. Double Sherpa layers was an idea we’d been toying with for a while, and were thrilled to debut this year. The new cold weather standard, this ultra soft and slightly stretchy style is as functional as it is adorable.

Hazel Village. So nice, we collaborated twice! We love Hazel Village, and love working with them to make doll-sized bonnets coordinating with some of our seasonal favorites. This year, we had a spring collaboration (with teeny Brimmed Oasis, Desert Blooms, and Ivory Pointelle Bandit bonnets) as well as a Pom collaboration (with tiny Marzipan, Carousel, and Icicle Pom bonnets).

Rolly Polly. We knew we wanted to make a totally unique, fun, and gorgeous bonnet to celebrate Briar’s 5 birthday, and Rolly Polly was the perfect collaboration to do so. Hand-sewn sequined brims on a timeless dusty pink linen made a delightfully irresistible bonnet!

Forest Creatures. This collaboration was summed up perfectly when Blair texted the marketing team’s group text a photo of the first finished Winter Jubilee and said “I am deceased. This is the best Pom ever.” Coordinating dolls were the heirloom cherries on top, and this collaboration with Forest Creatures will go down in the Briar history books as one of the most loved.

Yep. 386 unique styles this year, including classic brimless, brimmed, Bébé, Poms, sunbonnets, animals, Sherpa, etc. etc. etc. Can you believe it?! Thank YOU for all of your love + support this year! We know we wouldn’t be here without all of our amazing customers. Here’s to a great 2019, and a bright new year!

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  • LOVE your style ladies. I am new to the bonnet world but looovvveeee it so much! Always get sweet compliments from others every time we wear them. Can’t wait to see what next year brings. Happiest of holidays!


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