Coastal Trail: Sunbonnets inspired by the PNW

Coastal Trail: Sunbonnets inspired by the PNW
It's no secret that we here at Briar are continually inspired by the Pacific Northwest coast - there's a certain peace we find in the beach grass swaying in the breeze, the miles of soft white sand, and the wind-swept pines rising on craggy bluffs in the distance.
The spark for this particular collection came along one day at the coast last fall, as Rachel was walking along a tree-covered trail toward the beach through a wonderland of vibrant mushrooms and salty air. The entire scene was so perfect and magical that she knew this was the start of something big, something special, and eventually it led us precisely to this: the Coastal Trail collection.

Four images: waves rolling in from the ocean, Sunrise sunbonnet on a baby, barnacles on rocks, and the 7 sunbonnets in the Coastal Trail sunbonnet collection

 Coastal Trail consists of seven beautiful sunbonnets, all featuring our signature full-coverage brim for all your sunny day fun.

Coastal Trail sunbonnets

Coastal Trail sunbonnet images set on top of images from the coast. Sunbonnets are: Coastal Meadow (a watercolor floral print), Pebble (a neutral khaki color), Sea Salt (a greyish-blue), Wilder (olive green), Serenity (mauve-y pink), Sun-Baked (a rich terrra-cotta), and Sunrise (a warm yellow)

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Want to make sure you get the right size? Take a look at our sizing + fit guide.

Four images: a toddler and mother at the beach, with the toddler wearing Pebble sunbonnet, an image of a sandy beach with rock formations in the distance, several sunbonnets from the Coastal Trail collection, and a closeup photo of mushrooms in grass

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