Why is our in-house production team so great?

Why is our in-house production team so great?

Having our production in-house is amazing for so many reasons: knowing that we’re providing an ethical environment for our product to be manufactured in brings such peace of mind, being able to pivot and prototype new styles quickly allows us to be flexible, and, of course, watching bonnets being made is SO satisfying! But all that aside, our team is simply a really wonderful group of people.

So we’re going to brag about them for a minute.

Three images of our production studio: a closeup image of a pink sunbonnet being sewn at a sewing machine, the back of Emily sitting at her machine sewing bonnets with some of the production team in the background, and some shelving units filled with fabric

In case you aren’t aware, our bonnets are made in Vancouver, Washington by a dynamic team of production sewers in our bright and airy studio. Our sewers are an integral part of the production process, even beyond creating your beautiful bonnets! Their job requires collaboration and creative problem solving, and they frequently bring up innovative ideas to make bonnet-making more thoughtful and efficient. Often we’ll change a production process or the way a product is made based on their recommendations.

Two rows of sewing machines, some with sewers working at them, lined up in our bright and airy production studio

One of our core values at Briar is empowering our employees, and it’s amazing watching that happen in real time whether through team members growing their skill set significantly or becoming a more confident version of themself. For example: Chelo, who has been with Briar longer than any other employee, didn’t even know how to sew when she started at Briar. Now she’s our go-to for sewing binding on the bonnets (seriously, watching her work is so impressive) as well as a valued and highly-respected member of our team.

Four images of Chelo sewing binding

Our team is very connected - and has a lot of fun! The sewers are always voting for their favorite styles in the collections coming through production, picking styles for the babies in their lives, and brainstorming new bonnet names. In fact, bonnet names are Yvonne’s specialty - she always has a list she’s been thinking up!

Three images in our production studio: Yvonne sitting at a sewing machine, a pair of hands sewing a bonnet, and a photo of our bright and airy production studio space

Basically, we love shouting from the rooftops about how great our production team is, and hope this gave you just a little taste of their amazingness. Thank you, as always, for supporting us here at Briar!

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