Repair + Restoration

Questions about a repair?

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Please Note:

We do our best to accommodate as many repair requests as possible. However, due to limited fabric reserves, some exclusions may apply. Sample Sale bonnets and some limited edition collaborations may not be eligible for certain repairs; inquire for pricing and options. Briar's Bébé bonnets are not eligible for the R+R program.

Repairs will resemble original design as closely as possible, using the original fabric where possible. In the instance that the original fabric is not available, a similar replacement fabric may be used. Customer will be notified prior to repair if a suitable replacement is not available, or if a replacement option may be significantly different than the original design.

Requests to alter the original design of the bonnet will not be accommodated.

The Repair + Restoration Program does not include cleaning or treatment of stains. For tough stains, we recommend taking your item to a professional cleaner to be restored.

Repairs will typically be shipped 1-2 weeks from receipt of payment. No rush orders.

International repair orders do not qualify for free return shipping, and will be charged for return shipping at the time of invoicing (once we've physically received your item).

The Repair + Restoration Program is intended as a way to repair the normal wear and tear of a bonnet over time. If you believe you have received a defective bonnet, or require a repair on a bonnet that was purchased within the last 90 days, please contact Customer Service at