What To Pack in Your Hospital Bag

What To Pack in Your Hospital Bag

As you near the end of your pregnancy, you’re flooded with emotions—excitement, nervousness, anticipation of the unknown, joy. While it’s a wonderful time, it can also be stressful as you try to prepare yourself as thoroughly as possible. One of the most important tasks to complete before your due date? Packing up your hospital bag! But don’t worry, between all the mamas on our team we’ve packed enough hospital bags to learn what’s a “must-have” and what you can leave behind.

VID - Very Important Documents

  • Photo ID
  • Insurance cards
  • Hospital forms
  • Birth plan

All of the not-so-fun but so-very-important necessities. 



  • Extra-long phone charger

Sometimes the outlets can be far away from your bed!

  • Power bank
  • Portable speaker and/or headphones

If you have a birth playlist or just want to get some quiet for yourself. 

For Mama

  • Two or three pairs of warm, non-skid socks
  • Loose, lightweight clothing
Trust me, you won't want anything skintight. This 3-piece lounge set from Storq was heaven for both of my babies. 
  • Comfy clothes for going home
  • Hair ties and headbands
Opt for a soft, velcro headband like this one
  • Glasses and/or contact lenses if you wear them.
  • Toiletries - Travel-size is best!
Hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, extra contact solution, shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, moisturizer, etc. No need to bring face masks or anything fancy, there won't be time. 
  • Flip flops for the shower
This is a personal preference, but a hospital shower is still kind of a "public" shower, so better safe than sorry. 
  • A soft robe and/or sweater
  • Nursing bras and camis
If you plan on breastfeeding, get ready to live in these. 
  • Snacks
Bring enough for you and your partner. Things like protein bars, trail mix, and non-perishables. Don't forget to also pack a reusable water bottle, mama needs to hydrate!
  • Any daily medication
Even if you take something like Claritin for allergies, bring it just in case. Otherwise you have to get it approved by your doctor and they tack it on to your bill. 😅
  • Your favorite pillow

For Baby

If you're planning on using bottles, bring a few to the hospital so your baby can get used to your preferred style from the get go. 
  • 1-2 swaddles
We love these ultra-soft gauze swaddles

Because those very first photos will only be made cuter with the addition of a tiny bonnet!

Is there anything we missed that you loved having in your hospital bag? Let us know in the comments! 

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