Summer Water Play Ideas + Activities

Summer Water Play Ideas + Activities

When it's hot outside and you have little ones cooped up in the house this summer, we always rely on water play for tried and true entertainment. And the best part is, you don't need to have a pool or a fancy setup to beat the heat in your own backyard. 

There are so many different ways to entertain little ones with water play, but these are some of our all-time favorites. The only thing you need is your sunbonnet (for sun protection!) a vessel for your water (we love The Bath Tub from our friends at Lalo) and an assortments of toys and everyday items. 

Sensory Water Play

Is there any simpler joy than filling up a basin with water and letting your little one splash to their heart's content? We use our Lalo bath tub and add various objects like bath toys, stacking cups, rubber ducks, funnels, etc. to create a water wonderland. Encourage your littles to experiment with different objects in the water and different ways to use them. They'll be keeping cool, staying entertained and working on those fine motor skill, all at the same time. 

Water Painting

All you need for water painting is a paint brush and a dry surface like concrete or the wall. Fill a large cup up with water and let your little artist get to work. They'll love getting creative and you'll love not having to clean up any messy paints. 

Gone fishin'

Grab a net or a kitchen colander and take your kiddo on a fishing adventure. You can fill your bath tub with water and toys (we used big brother's Hot Wheels 😅) and let them go to town. You can even add bubbles to your "fishing pond" if you want to make it a little more challenging. 

Car Wash

Speaking of cars, you can never go wrong with a car wash! Grab a bunch of toy cars and set up a small bin where your kids can get their hands, and their cars dirty. We used our Lalo Stacking Cups as a "shower" station, before. dunking the cars in the bubble-filled bath tub. It's a fun game that helps your kiddos understand a process from start to finish all while keeping them happily entertained. 

Water the Garden

This might not seem like a "game", but kids love it! Fill your Rinse Cup with water from your basin or bath tub and take turns giving the plants in your yard a drink. It helps clean up your water play and also teaches kids about conserving water!

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