7 Tips For Summer Exploring with Kids

7 Tips For Summer Exploring with Kids

Camp Counselor Nicole loves spending time outdoors! So when she offered to share her best tips for getting outside with kiddos this summer, we were thrilled. 

During the summer we enjoy having picnics, taking walks, going to the pool, beach, lake or springs (depending on where we are determines the body of water), traveling, and eating cake (my birthday, my husband's and our son’s birthday are all during the summer!)

Here are my top tips and must-haves for a summer of fun outside. 

  1. Bring your stroller and a muslin blanket to use as a cover for on-the-go naps.
  2. Do you have a snuggly baby? Having a baby carrier on hand for if baby gets sleepy/ tired of the stroller. It has saved me more than once!
  3. Bring a wipeable mat for sitting and eating. It helps keep picnics and hangs at the park a little less messy.
  4. Be sure to pack a bucket hat or sunbonnet to protect baby and keep the sun off of their face and out of their eyes!
  5. Keep your sunscreen in a cooler! Growing up in Florida this was a must for my family. Otherwise sunscreen can turn runny and messy quickly when you’re out in the sun.
  6. Always bring lots of snacks (our fav is fruit) and water, especially in the summer heat.
  7. Keep toys in the trunk to help with exploring.

Here are some of my favorites for unexpected adventures:

  • Shovel and bucket
  • Bug net
  • Magnifying glass
  • Child-safe cooking utensils
  • Balance bike
  • Paint brushes
  • Chalk
  • Bouncy ball
  • Kiddie pool


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