The Sweetest Easter Basket Stuffers for Your Little Bunny

The Sweetest Easter Basket Stuffers for Your Little Bunny

Kids make holidays extra magical, and Easter is no exception. And while a certain bunny may get all the credit, we know parents are at the heart of what makes holidays like Easter really special.

Something about the budding flowers, baby animals, and pastel hues everywhere makes Easter such a fun holiday for babies and kids. Whether you keep it simple on Easter or are going all-out for your baby's first egg hunt, we’ve put together some perfect goodies for your little ones.

Briar Bunny Bundle: What's cuter than a baby in a bunny bonnet? A baby in a bunny bonnet and a fluffy tail! 

Just Beige Bonnet: Go bold this Easter. Go beige. 

Coastal Grid Sunbonnet: Warmer days are on the horizon, and a floppy sunbonnet is a must for any little beachcomber. 

Bunny Roo, I Love YouThis precious read will be a family favorite long after Easter is over.

Counting Carrots: Learning to count has never been cuter. 

Rabbit Push Toy: Not only does this cute bunny roll, it hops!

Bunny Rattle Teether: Perfect for a gift or for your new bundle of joy, these crochet animal-shaped rattles are perfect for baby.

Briar the Bunny: We always love Cuddle and Kind friends, but this one has a special place in our hearts for obvious reasons. 

Stacking Bunnies: How cute are these sweet little buns? 

What are you putting in your baby's first Easter basket? We'd love to know!


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