The basics: styling our classic baby bonnets

The basics: styling our classic baby bonnets
Basic [adj]: forming an essential foundation or starting point; fundamental. 
Our Basics collection is precisely that. We thoughtfully chose the colors and fabrics for these bonnets so they can be versatile, heirloom pieces in your babes' wardrobe. And the best part? Our Basics are periodically restocked, so you can always grab your size up when needed - because when you find a good thing (or, ahem, a good outfit!), you stick with it.
It's one thing to tell you that our Basics are versatile - now it's time to show you! Scroll down to see some of our lovely brimmed and brimless Basics styled IRL.
Brimless Basics look adorable with prints...
Three images of babies wearing brimless Basic bonnets and outfits with prints on them, and one photo of five Basic bonnets: Sand, Ivory, Blush, Rust, Natural Stripe
...and perfectly classic with solid colors!
Two babies wearing brimless bonnets with solid-colored clothes, and one photo of three of our brimless Basic bonnets: Rust, Sand, Ivory
It's all flowers + rainbows with Briar brims
Three images of babies wearing brimmed bonnets, one image featuring several brimmed and brimless bonnets: Rust, Blush, and Ivory
Timeless: white clothes + bonnets
Two photos of babies wearing brimmed bonnets with neutral outfits, two images of brimmed bonnets: one of Blush, one with Ivory and Rust
We hope this sparked inspiration for your babe's wardrobe!
Shop our Basics collection here.
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