Styling inspo, Caramel sunbonnet edition

Styling inspo, Caramel sunbonnet edition
Our new Caramel sunbonnet is made for sweet sunshine. The warm nut-brown linen is as versatile as the wide brim is functional - that is to say, very! How perfect is it on Nancy from @__thenguyens' daughter Nora with that pom romper from Oat Children? We've put together even more beautiful styling ideas to make Caramel shine on your babe. See all the looks (and links) below, and shop Caramel here!
Neutral dreams
Caramel sunbonnet laying beautifully next to a light grey/tan sleeveless top and matching drawstring shorts
Unsurprisingly, Caramel looks amazing with neutral colors - like this adorable set from Seviin. This is an everyday summer look you and your babe will love for both comfort and cuteness!
A collage featuring a photo of Caramel sunbonnet, a white eyelet tank top and matching bloomers, a denim overall romper, and a white crepe jumpsuit with ruffles. Text: "More Seviin pieces to pair Caramel with"
Seviin clothing: Coconut crop set here. Denim romper here. Vanilla ruffled romper here.
Sweet + wild 
Caramel sunbonnet laid next to a light purple tank romper; Caramel sunbonnet laid next to a pair of white swim trunks with a tiger print.
Sweet solids and fun prints alike are irresistible with the warm hues of Caramel. Just look how these sets from Jamie Kay complement that wide brim!
An image of Caramel sunbonnet, a lavender overall dress, an ivory confetti-flecked bodysuit, and olive green shorts. Text "More Jamie Kay pieces to pair with Caramel"
Jamie Kay clothing: Amethyst cord dress here. Ribbed bodysuit here. Olive shorts here.
Retro vibes
Caramel sunbonnet laid next to a light blue one-piece swimsuit with ivory trim
That sweet brown goes perfectly with retro-inspired pieces! How adorable is this H&M swimsuit with Caramel?
Caramel sunbonnet; a crepe taupe-colored tank top and bloomers; a teal sleeveless romper; an oatmeal colored linen shortall; a pair of shorts with a pear print on them. Text: "More H&M pieces to pair Caramel with"
H&M clothing: Beige tank + bottoms here. Green romper suit here. Linen overall shorts here. Pear print shorts here.
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