Taste-Safe Sensory Fingerpaint

Taste-Safe Sensory Fingerpaint

We've all been there. No matter how hard we try to keep unwanted items out of our baby or toddler's mouth, something unsavory makes it's way in there. Luckily, Camp Counselor Jen is here with a taste-safe sensory activity perfect for curious kiddos. 

This is an activity we do about once a week because my kiddos love it so much - in fact, we even did blueberry painting to announce that we were having a baby boy last year!

If you are looking for something mess-free, edible fingerpaint may not be for you because we make a HUGE mess every single time (thank you Puracy), but hey… anything for the sensory outdoor experience that keeps the kids busy for EVER and allows them to explore their creativity… and even snack a little.


  • Half a pint of plain yogurt or cottage cheese
  • A handful of blackberries or whichever fruit is the color you’re aiming for.
  • A handful of dragonfruit adds a lot of color if you want your paint to be purple or pink.
  • Half a pouch of Once Upon a Farm - I choose whatever color matches my fruit choice.


This is PERFECT for kiddos who put everything in their mouths because it’s completely edible, BUT make sure to clean up as soon as they’re done to avoid little critters - we usually do it on top of a disposable table cloth and wrap everything up in the tablecloth at the end.


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