Styling Summer

Styling Summer

Stay Rad Bonnet// Little Urban Apparel vintage stripe tank dress, Charcoal Chuck Taylor low top sneakers

When we dreamed up our Summer 2018 collection, we hoped that people would be as obsessed with them as we were - and we're getting good vibes so far (see what we did there?). But we also wondered if styling the color block would seem intimidating. With that in mind, we put together a styling contest in our Facebook group (seriously, you need to be in this group) which was an absolute blast, and we also styled the collection a few different ways here to give you some inspiration. Check out the totally rad outfits we compiled with some of our favorite shops, and let us know how you plan to style your color block bonnets in the comments!

Hazy Daze Bonnet// Raising Wild The KITTY Blossom swimsuit, Target sunglasses

 Good Vibes Bonnet// ARQ Buttercup basic tank, Zara drawstring Bermuda shorts, Target sunglasses

 Stay Rad Bonnet// Minnow boys' dove grey briefs

 Hazy Daze Bonnet// Mabo Orla slip dress in cream striped linen, Adelisa & Co Cruz leather sandals, Target sunglasses


Stay Rad Bonnet// Zara white t-shirt, Rylee + Cru Seafoam Hawthorne trouser, Charcoal Chuck Taylor low top sneakers

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  • Oh my gosh! These outfits are amazing. Hoping to snag one of these beauties for my youngest. 🖤

    Samantha Shutts

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