Good Vibes Only: Summer 2018

Good Vibes Only: Summer 2018

In my experience, life’s seasons tend to bring on their own defining themes, similar to a Briar bonnet collection. If I was to name the season I found myself in throughout 2017, it would without a doubt be “Difficulty. Last year wasn’t bad, per se. Quite the contrary, actually. Our business made some wonderful strides, I was able to travel to Rwanda and New Zealand, experience new things with my family, remodel our home kitchen, and the list continues. However, the real challenge during 2017 was that I got myself into a “funk” of expecting “bad” things to happen (which is HIGHLY out of character for me!). And, well, when there were two knee injuries, which led to knee surgeries, a kitchen remodel with unexpected hiccups, and list continues, it became difficult to remove the expectation that things would go wrong. Let’s just say we couldn’t WAIT for 2018 when we could wash our hands of the crazy year behind us.

And so it was, when on Christmas Day I opened my stocking and found Moon Rivers Naturals’ Good Vibes oil tucked inside, that the thoughtful gift from my husband would become my anthem for the approaching new year. GOOD VIBES ONLY. Not only does this little bottle of oil smell amazing, its ingredients have the most wonderful calming effect when applied. More importantly though, that little bottle is a reminder of all the GOOD in my life, and the GOOD yet to come. Does that sound silly? Maybe it is, but so far it’s working like a charm.

I’m such a fan of this whole “good vibes” thing, that it became a running joke in our home and headquarters. “Good vibes only” was the mantra I could be heard reminding myself (and others) amidst the chaos of launching new collections, meeting deadlines, and even after a we got rear-ended during a fabric sourcing trip in LA (no joke, I made all of us put on the oil after the accident!). It’s not magic, but it is positive, helpful encouragement for me to center myself on all that’s going right, and welcome (rather than fear) the future.

So what does all that have to do with bonnets? Our gorgeous Summer Collection is anchored by none other than the Good Vibes bonnet: a truly unisex, color blocked, brimmed, smile-inducing bonnet that is perfect for summer adventuring in the sun. Its sidekicks, Stay Rad and Hazy Daze, round out our summer launch for a collection that is made for fun.

We’ve known for some time that we wanted to do color block bonnets and my “good vibes only” mantra for 2018 became the launch point. Collaboratively, our team envisioned warm sand, big waves, ice cream cones, and flushed cheeks, and then set out with the task of finding just the right colors and tones to bring those feelings to life. I truly believe that once you see these sweet summer bonnets in person, you’ll be looking for any excuse to get you and your babe outside to make some sweet, sun-kissed memories.

We've had a blast conceptualizing, creating, and styling this collection (Summer styling post coming soon!), and can't wait for you to tie your own Summer 2018 bonnet under your little one's chin on a sun-drenched day. It’s everything you need for the perfect summer full of GOOD VIBES ONLY.

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