Sneak Peek: Flower Sunbonnets

Sneak Peek: Flower Sunbonnets

There are always flowers for those who want to see them. - Henri Matisse

Introducing Part One of our three-part Coastal Wildflowers collection for Spring/Summer 2023! 

Inspired by the charming silhouette of delightful spring flowers, our brand new Flower Sunbonnets are unlike any you've seen before. 

From concept:


To creation:


 Available in 3 spring-ready colors:

Dahlia: a perfectly muted and versatile pink.

Just Beige: a soft, pinky-beige that is the most perfect beige of all the beiges. 

Oyster: a deliciously creamy white. 


Flower Sunbonnets arrive on 4.6 at 10 am PT. 

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