Matisse-Inspired Flower Garden Cutouts

Matisse-Inspired Flower Garden Cutouts

It's never too early to start introducing your little ones to inspiring artists and different forms of creativity. For today's Crafty Corner, Camp Counselor Savannah is bringing a little art history alongside an adorable craft.

Summer is here and what better way to celebrate than with a garden-inspired (indoor OR outdoor depending on temperatures where you live!) craft.

Here in Texas, temps can be extreme and I always love a quick, easy, and open ended craft that I can pull out over and over again when its a bit too hot to get outside.

I like to call these types of crafts “invitations to create” because they are self directed, letting your kids express their creativity and giving them control while also giving them loads of fine motor work. You’re inviting them to create by setting the table with all the ingredients and letting their minds and hands go to work!

This activity is so easy to set up and they can work on it for a while once they get going! You can also expand it by talking about different parts of the flower, picking flowers for inspiration, etc. The possibilities really can be endless.


  • Construction paper or colored card stock
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Bowls for separating different parts of the flower


  1. Prep by cutting out different shapes in different colors for petals, stems, leaves (depending on your child’s ability, let them help with this!).
  2. Choose a background paper.
  3. Glue petals and stems onto the background using glue stick.
  4. Let dry.
  5. Enjoy your "garden”! 


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