Summer Flower Arranging

Summer Flower Arranging
Is there anything more idyllic than spending a summer afternoon in the backyard with your sweet babe and gathering flowers? Camp Counselor Katie is leading us through some easy summer floral arranging, no matter what age your little one is. 

Summer in the upper Midwest is always a welcomed respite and delight after long, chilled winters and slow springs. We are embracing this warmer weather with open arms! I am always delighted by how milder temps bring a plethora of flowers to our yard.

I’ve always appreciated fresh flower bouquets but love them best when they come free from our garden. The previous owners of our old home did a beautiful job of adding a patch of peonies, purple irises, and catmint. When I began my gardening journey this year, I added in delightful zinnias, potted watercolor hydrangeas, and cheerful red geraniums.

All of my four littles adore being out of doors, and we do spend significant amounts of time just meandering around our backyard. My older daughter Priscilla is an expert flower arranger. She has a natural talent of taking a simple mason jar and adding in a collection of vibrant, uniquely arranged, but totally captivating blooms.

I can never get my arrangements to look as organically beautiful as hers! I am always looking for low cost, low planning, but sensory rich activities to do with baby Penny. Like her siblings, Penny enjoys being outdoors and since she was born last summer this is her first experience with all things warm weather as an older babe.

Flower arranging is an easy, low-key activity that still feels elevated and special. During most late afternoons this is one of my favorite ways to fill the time between nap and dinner.

What you’ll need:

  • Access to flowers (your yard, or you-pick patch)
  • Scissors or garden shears
  • Basket (optional)
  • Vases (no need to purchase something special, just use jars or even drinking glasses from around the house!)


  1. Take your baby outside and put them on a picnic blanket. You can also take them along with you from flower patch to flower patch if you’d prefer. I like to gather my blooms in a basket and place it by my baby so she can look and touch. I keep a close eye on her to be sure she doesn’t put them in her mouth. This is a great opportunity to talk about textures, shapes, colors, and scents. It’s truly such a feast for the senses.
  2. Then we move indoors, and I’ll set up a vase-bouquet making area in our dining room. This is such a fun part of creating mini bouquets and talking with your baby as you bring them through your actions.

Often I place these around the house or even give them to neighbors and friends. Flower arranging with baby is an easy, and accessible activity that’s perfect for summer.


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