Fall Bucket List: Fun Activities for Moms and Babies

Fall Bucket List: Fun Activities for Moms and Babies

As the leaves begin to change and a crispness fills the air, it's time to embrace the magic of fall with your little one by your side. Creating a fall bucket list can lead to cherished memories and special bonding moments. Whether you're a first-time mom or a seasoned pro, here's a checklist of delightful fall activities to enjoy with your little ones.

1. Pumpkin Patch Adventure

☐ Visit a local pumpkin patch for a day of exploration.

☐ Let your baby touch and feel different pumpkins in various shapes and sizes.

☐ Capture adorable snapshots of your baby amidst the pumpkin patch backdrop, in your favorite Briar Bonnet of course!


2. Leaf Pile Playtime

☐ Rake up a pile of colorful leaves in your yard or at a park.

☐ Gently place your baby on top of the leaf pile for some sensory play.

☐ Watch as they delight in the textures and colors of the leaves.


3. Apple Orchard Outing

☐ Head to an apple orchard for a fun-filled day of apple picking.

☐ Choose apples that are easy for your baby to hold and explore.

☐ Enjoy a delicious apple-themed picnic with your little one.


4. Cozy Storytime

☐ Create a cozy reading corner with fall-themed board books.

☐ Snuggle up with your baby and read stories about pumpkins, leaves, and autumn adventures.

☐ Use different voices and animated expressions to engage your little listener.


5. Handprint Crafts

☐ Engage in crafty fun by making handprint or footprint art with baby-safe paint.

☐ Create adorable autumn-themed designs like pumpkins, owls, and leaves.

☐ Display your masterpieces as keepsakes of this special time.


6. Nature Walks

☐ Take leisurely walks in your neighborhood or local park.

☐ Point out the changing colors of the leaves and the sights and sounds of fall.

☐ Bring a stroller or baby carrier to make the experience comfortable for both of you. Brimmed bonnets are our favorite for stroller rides!


7. Seasonal Sensory Play

☐ Set up a sensory bin with fall-inspired items like dried leaves, pinecones, and small pumpkins.

☐ Let your baby explore the different textures, shapes, and scents.

☐ Always supervise and ensure the items are baby-safe.


8. Pumpkin Spice Playdate

☐ Invite fellow moms and babies for a pumpkin spice-themed playdate.

☐ Enjoy pumpkin-flavored treats while your babies interact and play.


9. Fall Baking Together

☐ Bake simple fall treats like apple cinnamon muffins or pumpkin bread.

☐ Involve your baby by letting them help with safe tasks like mixing or adding ingredients.

☐ Enjoy the delicious results together as a sweet bonding experience.


Fall is a season of change, reflection, and coziness. By incorporating these delightful activities into your fall bucket list, you'll create treasured memories and strengthen your bond with your little one. Enjoy the magic of fall together and make the most of this special time in both your lives.

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