Dreams of Spring

Dreams of Spring

We are so thrilled to finally be able to share our Spring Collection with you in all its glory. We're excited not just to share these beautiful bonnets, but also because if the Spring Collection is launching, spring itself must not be far off. And oh boy, are we ever ready for spring!

We love the holidays, adore the snow, and savor those cold evenings snuggled by the fire just as much as the next person, but spring...there is just something about spring. The long, wet and dreary days begin to give way to sunbursts that softly call for a return to the outdoors. This collection was inspired by those first warm days of the year, where daffodils can be seen poking out their heads, the grass is wet from heavy morning dew, and birdsong aplenty fills the air.

With my great grandmother’s quilt in tow, I loved spreading out in a park with my kiddos. We’d pack little picnic lunches, bundle up in layers, and spend those beginning days of spring soaking in all that beauty and embracing the changing season. Just like the pieces of that quilt, this collection of bonnets is full of soft hues and organic patterns that echo the promises of sunnier days ahead. We cannot wait to see how you adorn your babes with this sweet collection and once again, want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for inviting Briar Handmade along for all of your family’s precious firsts.

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