The Perfect Animal Bonnet for Every Enneagram Type

The Perfect Animal Bonnet for Every Enneagram Type

How do you choose the perfect Briar Baby animal bonnet that aligns with your little one’s unique personality? Here at Briar our team gets a big kick out of personality tests, horoscopes, and all that jazz. Whether you take it seriously or not, it’s still fun to read up on different personality types and the styles that align with them. Now, we know your little pumpkin probably doesn’t have their enneagram defined before they can talk, but who knows their personality better than you, mama? Let’s have some fun with the Enneagram types and our sweet animal bonnets for fall!

The Particular Chipmunk (Enneagram Type 1)

Do you have a brave kiddo who likes to do things just right? The Chipmunk Bonnet is for you! Its sweet stripes and ears will make your kiddo feel ready to take on a mission to make the world just right.


The Helpful Bunny (Enneagram Type 2)

If you have a Helper child who loves to care for others and is naturally nurturing, our Bunny Bonnets are an ideal choice. This sweet and soft bonnet embodies their compassionate and caring disposition.


The Adventurous Cheetah (Enneagram Type 3)

Is your little one always up for an adventure? Reflecting their confidence and ambition with its playful yet sleek design, the Cheetah Bonnet is the one for you.


The Unique Skunk (Enneagram Type 4)

Does your child love being different and expressing themselves? The Skunk Bonnet is your must-have! You're as unique as a flower and this bonnet will show off your one-of-a-kind style.


The Curious Cat (Enneagram Type 5)

If you have a little detective on your hands who loves to learn new things, The Black Kitten Bonnet is calling your name! Just like all cats, they’re resourceful and curious about the world around you.


The Vigilant Panda (Enneagram Type 6)

Do you like feeling safe and cozy? The Panda Bear Bonnet is perfect for you! It's like a big, gentle hug, making you feel safe and happy.


The Energetic Puppy (Enneagram Type 7)

If your child is always full of energy and ready to play, our Puppy Bonnet is your adorable choice! It'll help you stay curious and excited about all the fun adventures ahead.


The Mighty Lion (Enneagram Type 8)

Confident and assertive, Type 8 kids are natural leaders. Our Lion Bonnet exudes boldness and courage, making it A-ROAR-able and fierce.


The Peaceful Lamb (Enneagram Type 9)

If your kiddo is all about peace and harmony, the Lamb Bonnet is your perfect match! It's as gentle and calming as a fluffy lamb, just like them.

Finding the right Briar Baby bonnet is like discovering your inner animal friend. Whether you're a unique Skunk, a helpful Bunny, or any other Enneagram type, there's a bonnet that will make you kiddo feel extra special.

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