Styling Briar: Halloween 2019 edition

Styling Briar: Halloween 2019 edition

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year: changing leaves, fun traditions, cozy sweater weather (before we get sick of it), and soooo many costume possibilities using bonnets! Whether your Halloween consists of trick-or-treating, a party, or a cozy night in, who doesn't love a good costume?! We've put together some fun, non-spooky costume ideas for your inspiration - and we'd love to see how you incorporate Briar into your Halloween fun! Make sure to tag us on Instagram so we can ooh and aah over your Briar babes.


Ranger Chipmunk

We thought our Chipmunk bonnet couldn't get any cuter, until we paired it with a khaki vest, a Briar bandana, + scout accessories. Classic and absolutely adorable.

Bonnet: Chipmunk; bandana: Natural Stripe Bandana; vest: Old Navy; top: Solly Baby; pants: Mabo.


Garden Gnomes

We had to, okay? Our Bandit style was practically begging us. This costume is SO simple, and SO cute - be prepared to hear squeals of joy wherever you take your little garden gnome if you go with this costume.

Bonnets: Petite Dot - Poppy Bandit and Acorn Bandit; tops: Solly Baby; beard and braids, homemade.

Beatrix Potter's Mrs. Rabbit

How to make our Bunny bonnet even more adorable? Add a tiny apron, to make the classic children's book character come to life. Bonus: tiny aprons come in handy when making Halloween cookies.

 Bonnet: Bunny; dress: Alice + Ames; apron: Amazon.



Yes, we've heard that our bonnets look like classic pilot caps. And we're leaning into it. Pair our Rust bonnet with a bomber jacket + vintage-looking goggles and get ready to feel the need...the need for speed. (Sorry). 

Bonnet: Rust Linen; jacket: Gap; goggles: Amazon.


Flower the Skunk

Sorry if you have another favorite skunk, but Flower from Bambi is the best. It's a fact. Plus, a Flower costume is super easy to put together, and how cute would a tiny skunk look handing out candy to trick-or-treaters? 

Bonnet: Skunk; vest: Robeez; pants: Carters; top: Mabo; skunk tail: something Tami, our customer service specialist, had at home that we couldn't resist adding.


Wishing everyone a safe + fun Halloween!

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