Sneak Peek: The Snow Globe Collection

Sneak Peek: The Snow Globe Collection
"What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” — John Steinbeck

 Our Snow Globe collection is a petite capsule collection inspired by the soft neutrals of freshly fallen snow and winter sunlight. 

The inspiration 

When we first started putting together a capsule collection for winter, the first image that came to mind was The Snowdrop Fairy, which you can see in the top right hand corner of our mood board. Even the names in this collection are inspired by the soft magic that winter brings all season.

Frost Flowers: A frost flower or ice flower is formed when thin layers of ice are extruded from long-stemmed plants in autumn or early winter. The thin layers of ice are often formed into exquisite patterns, curling into "petals" which resemble flowers.

Apricity: The warmth of the sun in winter.

Brume: a French word for mist or fog. 

The collection


Frost Flowers: a soft beige with slightly pink undertones.

Apricity: an intricate woven cream with opaline trim.

Brume: A cool-toned gray with the softest hint of blue.

The Snow Globe Collection arrives on 11/9 at 10 am PT!


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