Getting to Know: Elyse Dean

Getting to Know: Elyse Dean
Meet Elyse Dean:
influencer, mother of two, and the artist behind our new limited edition art print!


Hi, Elyse! Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself, for those who may not follow you on Instagram.

Hey! I’m Elyse. I live in Indianapolis with my husband Chris and our two kids Koven (age 2) and Remy (8mo).

We’re a pretty close little family- we love nothing more than the time we get together! My relationship with Chris started as a goofy and enjoyable but also solid friendship. Once we finally admitted our feelings for each other it was pretty much a done deal!

We had Koven a year and a half after we married and Remy joined us last October (our Halloween baby)! The kids are exactly 1.5 years apart and it’s been equal parts crazy and wonderful. 

Your youngest, Remy, is 8 months now. How has life with two little ones changed your family?

Having two kids has drastically changed our family dynamic! Something about having the sibling relationship in our home has created so, sooo much joy. Seeing Koven become such a caring big sister and watching Remy obsess over her every move is like a constant heart explosion. We. Love. Them. They really are such good siblings.

Remy has been our difficult baby though- Chris and I joke that we will inevitably have another baby simply because Remy is such good “middle child” material. With Rem it’s high highs and low lows. He has challenged us parents for sure but we wouldn’t trade his feisty little soul for anything. 

With two busy little ones at home, how do you find time to recharge and take care of yourself?

I think self care is hot topic right now in regards to beauty and moms get caught up in that aspect of it, when really that isn’t all that we need in this season to be refreshed. For me it isn’t so much pedicures and lattes (though I love a good latte!), it’s more about tending to the parts of me that have been neglected. It can look like time alone to work (which I personally love doing!), accomplish a task that has been picking at me, taking a good nap, eating my favorite foods, and ok, pedicures too. Sometimes I can sneak these things in during the day, and other times it takes a phone call to friends or family and asking for some help. 

Elyse and Remy, on a recent visit to Briar's headquarters.  

In your Instagram posts, you are so thoughtful and transparent about your life. Where do you find the balance between sharing openly, and keeping some things to yourself?

I would say I am a relatively private person. I like that I can share openly on Instagram but am able to decide what that looks like. Usually if I am sharing something personal, I have already had time to process it myself and know how I feel about it before I share. This could mean I don’t talk about a struggle until it’s been over for six months, but I don’t think we need to feel pressure to share in the thick of it- our story can still help others long after we’ve healed. 

You’re such a talented artist! When did you start exploring that talent? 

I’ve always enjoyed art and other forms of creativity like music, poetry, interior design and creative writing. I would say I really began to explore it towards the end of high school!

Your home and personal style are so dreamy.  Where do you find your style inspiration?

My style is ever-changing! I like to design the home in a way where living space is maximized. I don’t love clutter or busy decor because it makes the space feel small. Other than that I am open to any number of styles! I love Pinterest- it always throws me some great inspirational content.

What are some of your family's go-to summer activities? 

Some of our favorite activities this Summer have been: 

Playing at the park 


Blowing bubbles

Zoo days

And IKEA trips for frozen yogurt cones when it’s just too hot! 

Tell us a few of your summertime essentials.

I have always loved summer! I would say my summertime essentials would be:

A go-to pair of slide-ons for those spur of the moment ice cream runs (I have some mules from Madewell that are always waiting by the door).

A Gathre mat for picnics and pool days and star gazing (we keep ours in the trunk)!

A good hat! I rotate between baseball caps and straw hats in the summer (bonnets for the kids, obviously!).

And a “roll with it” attitude! 

Your little ones have been wearing Briar since they were tiny babes. How do you use Briar bonnets in your everyday life?

I’ve always loved when function and fashion collide. Briar quickly became my favorite accessory for the babes when I realized how much purpose they actually serve. We have used the Sunbonnets and Brimmed bonnets all summer long for stroller walks and pool days. Remy doesn’t have enough hair to block the sun but has enough hair to where sunscreen on his head is just gross. I’m always reaching for a bonnet as we head out the door. 

In the wintertime I love how secure and snug the classic bonnets are, staying in place and keeping them warm. 

No doubt our collection has grown in numbers outside of what any one kid would “need” (it’s easy with so many styles to choose from), but I always come back to just how much we use and enjoy these bonnets; they're always always always worth it.


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