Our Petite Spring Sample Sale

Our Petite Spring Sample Sale

It’s time for a Petite Spring Sample Sale! Sample sales are the best kind of craziness at Briar, we love creating fun, one-time styles for these events made from past-season fabric, fabric samples, and gorgeous fabric we found in limited quantities. We love being able to share them with you guys at sample sale prices. We love the excitement around being able to score a limited, exclusive style. And, of course, we love seeing these sweet bonnets on your little ones!

What is a Briar Sample Sale?

  • Sample sale bonnets are one-time, limited exclusives at amazing prices.
  • Sample sale bonnets are all final sale, and no further discounts apply to them because they’re already pretty amazingly priced.
  • Quantities of each style vary based on the amount of fabric we have and the amount of bonnets we are able to make, and some of the more popular styles can sell out in seconds. Literally.

How to make sure you snag your dream bonnet

  • Craft a plan of attack! Set an alarm so you're ready to shop and then get on the site a few minutes prior and refresh the sample sale collection page like mad until the bonnet shows up.
  • Check out as soon as you have the bonnet in your cart! Carts do not hold - this means that the bonnet is not yours until the order is completed. The safest bet is to go for one bonnet at a time so you aren’t wasting time trying to add multiple styles to your cart while one sells out. As far as shipping fees, domestic shipping is free on all orders $50+, and we’re happy to combine orders and refund excess shipping. Email hello@briarbaby.com with your order numbers as soon as the sale is over to request your orders be combined and get excess shipping refunded, if applicable.
  • Make sure you’re connected to fast internet, if possible. The general consensus is that computers tend to be faster than mobile. Some customers go to local coffee shops or places where they know the internet is faster than theirs at home.
  • Create an account on our website, and log in prior to the sale! We recommend saving your credit card information to your account - here’s how: the morning of the sale, put a practice bonnet in your cart and go through the motions of checking out. Once you get to the final step before confirming your order, you can click the “Remember me” box at the bottom of the page to save your credit card information. Then delete the practice bonnet from your cart (unless you want that bonnet, too) and wait for the sample sale to start. Your info should be saved!
  • Join the FB group for exclusive sneak peeks of what is included in the sample sale.
  • Sign up for texts so you don't miss out! Texts tend to get delivered faster than email (don't ask us why) so you'll want to go the speedy route this time.

The Petite Spring Sample Sale kicks off Thursday, April 18 @ 10am PT.

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