Our Must-Haves for Hiking, Walking, and Exploring w/ Baby

Our Must-Haves for Hiking, Walking, and Exploring w/ Baby

Are you ready to hit the trails with your little one in tow? Outdoor adventures with baby can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it's important to be prepared. Briar Baby has you covered with their stylish sunbonnets and Hope & Plum offers comfortable baby carriers for your hiking, walking, and exploring needs.

flay lay of Hope & Plum Lark baby carrier laying in the grass with a Briar Baby sunbonnet

1. Sunbonnets

Protect your baby's delicate skin from the sun with Briar Baby sunbonnets. Not only are they darling, but the wide brim provides ample shade, keeping your little one safe and comfortable during long days outside. All Briar Baby sunbonnets are made from high-quality lightweight and breathable fabrics, perfect for keeping your baby cool and comfortable during outdoor adventures.

Mom on a hiking trail wearing her baby in a Hope & Plum soft-structured baby carrier.

2. Hope & Plum Baby Carriers

Carrying your baby while hiking or walking can be a breeze with Hope & Plum baby carriers. These ergonomic carriers are designed to keep both you and your baby comfortable on the go. With adjustable straps and padded waistbands, these carriers distribute your baby's weight evenly, allowing you to hike for miles or stroll through town without strain. Plus, the soft fabrics ensure your baby stays cozy and content while you enjoy the great outdoors.

Pro tip: Get your child used to a new child carrier before hitting the trail and time your excursion with nap time since most little ones like to fall asleep when snuggled up. 

3. Sun Protection

In addition to sunbonnets, don't forget other sun protection essentials like sunscreen formulated for babies, lightweight long-sleeved clothing, and UV-protective sunglasses designed specifically for infants.

4. Snacks on the Go

Keep your energy up with quick and easy snacks that you can enjoy while on the move. Pack some trail mix, granola bars, or fresh fruit to keep hunger at bay during your outdoor excursions. Don't forget to bring along some baby-friendly snacks for your little one too!

5. Diaper Bag Essentials

A well-stocked diaper bag is your lifeline when exploring the great outdoors with your baby. Make sure to include diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, wet bags, and a few spare outfits in case of accidents.

6. A Waterproof Blanket

Having a blanket is incredibly handy when hiking with babies. Use it as a comfortable spot for a picnic during your hike, a portable surface for changing diapers, or a clean spot to play. We recommend a waterproof blanket to avoid spills and the elements soaking through.

7. Bug Spray

Bug spray is crucial for keeping pesky bugs at bay, especially for our little ones. To prevent discomfort like allergic reactions from mosquito bites, painful swelling and relentless scratching, always keep bug spray handy.

8. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is definitely a baby hiking essential. Emergencies are not something that you plan for but being prepared for them can make a world of a difference. Include items such as bandages, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, and medical tape for treating minor cuts and scrapes. Additionally, pack infant pain relievers and tweezers for addressing fevers and removing splinters.

Collage style graphic highlighting all of the essentials for hiking with baby

With the right gear and preparation, outdoor adventures with your baby can be incredibly rewarding experiences. From sunbonnets that keep your baby protected to baby carriers that offer hands-free comfort, investing in quality essentials ensures both you and your little one can enjoy the wonders of the great outdoors safely and comfortably. So, grab your gear, lace up your hiking boots, and embark on unforgettable outdoor adventures!

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