Meet Our Animal Of The Year

Meet Our Animal Of The Year

What's black and white and cute all over? Our newest animal bonnet, Panda! Not only is this monochrome cutie the latest addition to our animal lineup, but it's extra special to us here at Briar: the Panda is our first animal of the year and a launching pad into our give-back program. 

Why Pandas

Pandas captivate us with their sweet, playful nature. But did you know they are also a symbol of peace, harmony, and friendship? The panda’s black and white coloring is also considered a physical depiction of Yin and Yang with the balance of the opposite hues signifying harmony and tranquility. 

Our Commitment 

Our hats are made for the outdoors, and we want a thriving planet and healthy wildlife for our children to enjoy. That's why we support the World Wildlife Fund’s initiatives to save endangered wildlife, protect fragile ecosystems, and tackle climate change. 

We will donate 5% of all Panda bonnet sales to WWF all year long as part of our newest give-back program. We hope with your help we can make a significant impact for pandas and all the other creatures and environments WWF supports. 

The Bonnet

Crafted in our in-house production studio, the Panda Bonnet is handmade with soft white linen and lined with cotton twill. And don't forget about those adorable ears! Each Panda ear is made from 100% wool yarn, hand trimmed, and individually shaped to perfection. Just like panda's ears, they hold their bold silhouette.

Our Panda Bonnet launches on 1/31 at 10 AM PT. Click here for a notification at launch via text!

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