"I'm Bored!" Bingo

"I'm Bored!" Bingo
Parents, meet your new favorite summertime tool! Camp Counselor Bek is here to share her ingenious go-to resource for keeping kiddos entertained all summer long.

Happy Summer, Camp Briar!

While we as parents adore and treasure our sweet summer seasons with our kids- we all know that, without a doubt, sooner or later we're going to hear those classic two little words- "I'm BORED!"

And while I know you all are planning on setting up plentiful organized activities and also to join in on the fun, this activity in particular is especially for those days when you want to grow your child's spark for both independent and imaginative play (and maybe a little well placed clean-up time).

Introducing- drum roll-

Camp Briar's "I'm Bored" Bingo!

I love giving my children space to be bored, but I also love giving their batteries a little jumpstart, and this simple printable (or make your own) is exactly that. An exciting camp mission to complete 5 in a row, or even finish a blackout bingo card full of open ended suggestions to get them started on their day.

I intentionally left some squares blank for you to write in your own ideas as well. Perhaps you have a neglected toy set you'd love to see used, a space you'd love to see organized, a skill to be practiced or even a new food to try! You can customize it by adding specific taglines (i.e. inside or outside play, time limits, even including a new friend for an Elf on the shelf vibe)- the sky is the limit with this one. It also makes it more fun as a repeat summer activity since you can shake it up every time.

This is also a great activity to send with your kids for a day with grandparents, etc.

And the prize? That's totally up to you as well! For us, I ordered some adorable pin back buttons that they can earn to add to their Briar bucket hats, giving this activity the cutest summer camp feel.

Enjoy! I'm sending you all well wishes for a beautiful summer, full of both amazing activities and those wonderful, creativity inducing, "I'm bored!" moments.

Happy Summer, Camp Briar.


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