The Wonder of Fall

The Wonder of Fall

Well, that went fast! The days of summer are as good as gone and I’m wondering where the last two and a half months went. Maybe it’s a societal thing, or maybe it’s just our phase of life as a family with young kids, but it seems as if we are always busy. Like ALWAYS. And so, it should come as no surprise that our summer was filled to the brim with activities, trips, work, and a whole lot of fun. And all that busy made the season feel as if it went by in a flash. As a mom, the fast passing of time is always bittersweet for me. There may be days that seem to drag on for forever, but then entire months seem to disappear. And it’s precisely because of this that I’m always looking for ways to slow down just a bit with my kids while they’re still little (don’t tell my second grader I just called him little) and savor the seasons we’re in.

I love fall for all the reasons you might think; crisp mornings, changing leaves, chunky knit sweaters, and yes, specialty coffee drinks, but most especially because it presents our family with an opportunity to press the pause button and just be. Be content, be cozy, be warm, be together. The activities and busyness slow way down, and we find ourselves taking walks whenever possible, cuddling on the couch, and bundling up to admire the brilliant colors around us. It’s quality time at its finest and it’s this momma’s definition of pure bliss.

When my daughter Gracelyn was small, I loved buttoning up her little sweaters, tying on a Briar bonnet and going for slow walk with her in the stroller. Her cheeks rosy from the cool air, she happily babbled and pointed at the world around her. To this day the sight of her tiny bonnet from that season floods me with nostalgia. Those cherished moments are one of the reasons I love what we do here at Briar. We are privileged to create beautiful, heirloom bonnets that your children will wear as your families make memories through every season. Unlike the fast passing days, weeks, and months, the memories remain forever, and for that I am truly grateful.

Recently, I asked some of you via The Briar Society (the exclusive Facebook page for all Briar info) what your favorite ways to slow down and embrace autumn were, and I loved hearing your responses.

Going back to school, warm soup, cozy family weekends, rainy days, and holidays. And how could I forget...bonnets to keep my baby's head toasty! The brimmed rust bonnet will be our fall staple. I feel like settling back into a routine helps me slow down and be present with my loved ones. -Katie Prouty

We love to go on a walk on the first day of fall to celebrate. The trees are massive and look even more grand in gold. And pumpkin donuts from a local shop are a must. Fall scented candles burn all day, of course. Charlie Brown & The Great Pumpkin is on repeat. Our community does a great trick-or-treat event where they shut down a few streets just for families. All of the kids are so darling and the evening has a magical quality to it.  - Haley Robbins Marth

I grew up in New Orleans where we don't have seasons, but have lived in Charlotte, NC for 12 years. It's so beautiful. The leaves, the weather, the crisp air, and so many family friendly activities. A new school year and all of the fun and excitement that brings, pumpkin patches (real ones! not in a parking lot!), apple picking in the mountains. Fall is my favorite! And hello good hair days and BOOTS! - Paula Pazos Roark  

Growing up, my parents took us camping and hiking frequently in the smoky mountains during the fall. My husband and I will carry on that tradition with our children. I think in the technological age, getting away from screens and busy city life will be even sweeter than the memories I have of as a child playing games with my family around a campfire. I'm already anxiously awaiting getting away from the busy-ness. Fall just shouts slow quality family time to me. - Lauren Randalls Ervin

Fall, we’re ready for you!
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  • Hi, I just placed an order. You didn’t have the regular bonnet in size 3-6 months in white so I ordered the fleece but now I’m worried my baby will be too hot :(. She is scheduled to be born in November. I live in San Francisco and want her to wear this well into April as it gets chilly. Please, I would be so grateful if you can advise me at your convenience, hopefully before the item ships in case I should just be patient and wait for the cotton version to come back in stock.

    Many thanks,

    Alexis Gruszczynski

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