Briar Baby's 2023 Summer Bucket List

Briar Baby's 2023 Summer Bucket List

When you read the words "bucket list" your brain might automatically jump to skydiving and backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail a la Cheryl Strayed. But to us, a bucket list really is more of an inspirational guide when you're home with the kids and you can't bring yourself to watch another episode of Bluey (although it is the best). Whether you're a new mama who is dipping her proverbial toe into exploring the world with a new babe on her hip, or a seasoned mama of multiples looking for a new way to entertain her kids, we want you to enjoy the summer to the fullest, however "full" your cup may be!

  • Go berry-picking
  • Collect and sort seashells.
  • Go to an outdoor concert (bedtime permitting).
  • Have a tie-dye party and invite people to join in adding color to their lives.
  • Root for the home team at a baseball game.
  • Hang string lights in the backyard.
  • Visit a children's museum or local art installation.
  • Have a beach picnic.
  • Join a book club at your local library.
  • Plant a window box with summer flowers (bonus points if it's pollinator-friendly).
  • Visit a local botanical garden.
  • Make a summer-themed sensory bag and watch your little one discover new sensations.
  • Eat strawberry anything and everything.
  • Paint rocks and put them around the neighborhood.
  • Visit a splash pad.
  • Try your hand at an at-home photoshoot.

What's on your summer bucket list? We'd love to know! 

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