Bébé: The Shoreline Collection

Bébé: The Shoreline Collection

At long last, it’s here!

Last month, Briar Handmade released its first Spring/Summer collection for our new Bébé line, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! The Shoreline Collection features our two new knit styles: the bandit and the bonnet, in six stunning colorways. Thanks to Golden, Shell, Seaglass, Pine, Ivory, and Petite Dot, this collection evokes the soothing tones of windblown days, rough seas, and flaxen skies found in a little corner of the world that’s very dear to our hearts: the Pacific Northwest Coast.

Last year, the creative team here at Briar snuck away to a beach cabin for the weekend to plan and dream about what our first collection in the Bébé line should look like. It didn’t take long to realize that our surroundings were all the inspiration we needed. Pale shades of pink from broken shells scattered the sand, majestic pines trees towered above, the dreamiest golden hour flooded this beautiful place in every direction, and moody skies and seas met in an indistinguishable vanishing point… pure magic.

I’ve always felt a great sense of contentedness while at the coast, and I never fail to leave more rested and rejuvenated than when I arrived. Our family visits often and it’s become an extension of our backyard, a place we run to when we need refreshing and a break from the busyness of life. While our team talked through the vision for this line, we concluded that those were the very feelings we wished to convey with these new bonnets, and thus the Shoreline Collection was born.

However lovely, this release represents so much more to me than some new, beautiful bonnets. Last year, Briar acquired Petite Soul (who was already planning on closing its doors) and with that came their blessing and designs for previously unrepresented bonnet styles at Briar. Knit bonnets in both the classic and bandit style, beginning at size newborn (you heard that right!) would now be a permanent part of our offerings! We had always admired these bonnets and were so excited they could live on through Briar brand. The bandit and classic knit bonnets (now known as the Bébé line) are the perfect introductory bonnet. They make fantastic layering pieces, can easily be worn in both warm and cool months, and have a beautiful stretch to the soft cotton fabric that sweetly frames your babe’s precious face. They’re ideal for gifting, and a must for the expecting mom’s hospital bag.

From acquisition to our first release with the Shoreline Collection, it’s been quite the year and quite the wild ride. I’d be lying if I said my stomach wasn’t full of butterflies on launch day. And cliché as it may sound, it felt like the birth of something new for Briar. Hard work, scary at times, even painful… but in the end resulting in one gorgeous baby… or in this case Bébé! (We’re all comfortable with birth analogies in here, yes?)

And so, there you have it… our new family member is finally here, and we think she’s a real beaut. It’s been a true labor of love (and blood, sweat, and tears) and we can only hope you love it as much as we do!


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