6 Reasons to Love the Briar Beanie

6 Reasons to Love the Briar Beanie

It is officially cold in the Pacific Northwest, and while we love a good hygge moment, we know how important it is to get out and explore. Enter: The Briar Beanie. Ultra warm and vibrant in hues like sunset, ivory, and marine, the Briar Beanie is the perfect complement for a chilly outing. Regardless of where you are this season, there is no better time to wrap your littles (and yourself) in 100% Baby Alpaca Wool.

We collaborated with our longtime partners in Peru to bring our Vancouver-designed, Astoria-inspired Briar Beanies to life. Peru’s tradition of fiber arts and access to quality materials made this partnership a no-brainer. Transparent production has been and will always be one of our core values. We hope you get as much joy as we do knowing your purchase has a positive humanitarian and environmental impact.

There are many reasons to love the Briar Beanie made with Baby Alpaca Wool. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Incredible Softness

Due to the fineness and smooth structure of the fibers, Alpaca Wool can be softer than cashmere. No itching or pulling, just complete luxury.

2. 100% Hypoallergenic

Alpaca fleece doesn’t contain lanolin, the primary irritant in traditional wool, so it is perfect for sensitive skin. Plus, it doesn’t retain dust or other material particles, so there is no need to sacrifice comfiness for cuteness.

3. Warm + Breathable

Baby Alpaca is seven times warmer than traditional fibers and easily adaptable from cold to mild temperatures.  This ensures comfort whether you're exploring the chilly outdoors or snuggling by a fire.

4. Durable

Alpaca is three times more resistant than sheep wool. It doesn’t retain moisture + won’t felt or pill, allowing it to keep shape and softness over the years. Hello, heirloom quality.

5. Eco-friendly

Not only are they adorable, but Alpacas are also good for the earth! Their fleece grows fast, their grazing habits are low impact, and they emit less methane than other fiber-producing animals. At its very core, the Briar Beanie is climate active.

6. Snug Fitting

Our two smallest sizes were designed with ties to ensure beanies stay on heads (and never get lost!). These super soft ties fit cozy around the chin keeping the hat in place and your babe looking precious. 

The Briar Beanie is sustainably sourced, ethically produced, and adorably designed, all while being fabulously cozy. Give comfort and joy this season. Shop The Briar Beanie: Astoria Collection here.

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