5 Things You Never Thought To Add To Your Baby Registry

5 Things You Never Thought To Add To Your Baby Registry

As a first-time parent, or as an expectant mom in general, everything regarding baby can seem overwhelming. When it comes to knowing what we’ll need for all things raising babies, postpartum care, and general life with a little one, we tend to learn as we go.

One thing we learn early on in motherhood is that leaning on other moms can be incredibly beneficial. So while all of these might not be the most exciting things to add to your registry, you’ll be really glad you did, trust us.

1. Lactation Consultant Fund

Having a private Lactation Consultant come to your home isn’t cheap, but it can make all the difference when you’re struggling to breastfeed. Much like a “Honeymoon Fund”, you can register for a “Lactation Consultant Fund” when setting up your registry so multiple people can pitch in to help.

2. Meal/Grocery Delivery Gift Cards

When you’re in that postpartum haze, cooking dinner might be the last thing on your mind. Having gift cards and subscriptions to services like DoorDash or HelloFresh can be a game-changer.

3. Robot Vacuum

Cleaning your house will be the last thing on your priority list once you have a newborn to take care of. That said, that doesn’t mean you’re going to love how your house looks when it’s messy, especially if you have pets. Registering for a robot vacuum might seem silly, but it’s going to come in handy more times than you can count.

4. Bodily Function Aides

Windi’s were one of our most-used items with a newborn. If your baby has problems with gas, you know it can be a nightmare. You are tired of bicycle pumping their legs and burping them hasn’t helped. Use this thingy. It helps your baby fart. And don’t forget the snot-sucker. Throw away the bulb, this contraption works. You use it to literally suck the snot out of your baby’s nose.

Coming Home Accessories

The blanket and little cap they send you home with from the hospital are functional, but definitely not the cutest. We had a friend embroider a blanket with our baby’s name and we packed that in the hospital bag along with our bonnet. Baby’s “first picture” and “coming home” pictures were infinitely cuter and more special with these added touches.

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