Nicholas Bear

This adorable collection of dolls and tiny bonnets was made in collaboration with our friends at Hazel Village. Each doll and bonnet was lovingly handmade from the finest materials, just like Briar.

Nicholas really likes to wear his Fest Pom Bonnet and to be prepared. For instance, what if he is up in the Far Meadow, and he finds a good harvest of acorns but he has no wagon to carry them? That is why his wagon is always bumping along behind him. He says it's worth the extra effort. Plus it is shiny. 

Nicholas is made from tan organic cotton fleece. His ears are lined with natural cotton muslin. His face is hand-stitched with cotton thread. If he gets grimy you can hand-wash him and he will air dry. 

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A bonnet for your babe and a little animal friend with a tiny matching bonnet is basically the sweetest thing ever. Shop the matching Fest Pom baby bonnet here!

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