Lucas Rabbit Doll

A fanciful collaboration with our friends at Hazel Village, these woodland animals feature doll-sized versions of Briar sunbonnets.

Even though Lucas Rabbit's real name is Lucas, his friends call him Pummy. He says it's because when he was a newborn and his sister was a toddler, she called him Pummy for some reason. Anyway, his favorite activity is digging holes in the pond beach so he can make swamp forts.

Composition: Lucas is about 15″ tall. He is made of organic cotton fleece, mostly dark brown but with natural-colored details on his face and ears. His face is hand-stitched with cotton embroidery thread. He is stuffed with polyfill.

Take Care: If your Hazel Village friend gets a little grubby, we recommend the following: First, try spot cleaning with a sponge. If that's not enough, try hand washing in hot soapy water. Rinse well, squeeze all the water out, and air dry. If necessary, you can wash your animal in the machine on the most gentle cycle. We suggest dressing it in one of our rompers, to protect their necks and extremities, then placing it in a delicates bag before it takes the plunge. You can machine dry it on low, but be careful - the stuffing may clump.

Lucas Rabbit comes with the clothing pictured, including a miniature version of our Oyster Sunbonnet. Shop the child-sized Oyster Sunbonnet for the sweetest matching playtime.

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